DNA clustering links

All links active as of 18 July 2019.

The Genetic Genealogist: Shared matches at Ancestry

Blog posts:

The Intrepid Sleuth – Genetic Affairs AutoCluster – How does that work??

Kitty Cooper’s blog – Automatic Clustering from Genetic Affairs

Kitty Cooper’s blog – More Clustering Tools!

Hartley DNA & genealogy – A New Look for AutoClusters

The Genealogy Guys Blog – Genetic Affairs, a New DNA Tool

DNAeXplained – AutoClustering by Genetic Affairs

Behold Genealogy – Genetic Affairs Clustering at 23andMe

Anne’s Family History – DNA: experimenting with reports from GeneticAffairs.com

DNAsleuth – Clustering Tools for DNA matches

Genea Musings – Using GeneticAffairs.com to Create DNA Match AutoClusters

HistorTree – Analyzing DNA Auto-Clusters with Pedigree Collapse

Using the autocluster tool at MyHeritage:

MyHeritage DNA – Introducing AutoClusters for DNA Matches

YouTube videos:

Forming and using genetic networks with GeneticAffairs

Tools for effective use of DNA

Making the most of your autosomal DNA test

FamilyTree webinars (paid site)

Visualizing ancestral lines with DNA clusters

Evaluating shared DNA

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